Original First Tea is developed exclusively for restaurants, hotels and caterers. Now also available to individuals. So you can enjoy delicious tea in it's purest form anywhere.


Please contact us to order tea as a business. Did you know we have a lot more beautifull products?


As a private individual you order our tea through Puur Dichtbij. Here you find more groceries, straight from the source.


TeKa GroepSander
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We serve the master line now for a couple of years to our guests and get a lot of compliments about the quality of the tea.
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Delicious green tea! Have drunk so many green teas from different brands, but this is my favorite! I always give this to visitors and they are always enthusiastic. I also give it away regularly in a nice gift package!
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First tea Peppermint: Delicious fresh organic tea!
Monique Hol
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First tea Fresh Morning: With this tea, getting up early is just a little less of a problem.
De Gebroeders TToine Branbergen
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We are very enthusiastic about Original First Tea, I mean, what's not to like? They really thought about everything and you can see that in everything. This tea deserves all our attention and can rightfully be called a "Teavolution":)