Is theine the same as caffeine?

Yes, theine is the same as caffeine. It makes us feel less tired and more alert. It can also have a stimulating effect on the brain.

However, a cup of tea does not have as great an effect as a cup of coffee. This is because coffee is absorbed into the blood more quickly than tea. In addition, tea contains 3 times less theine than caffeine in coffee. A cup of coffee of 125 ml contains on average 85 milligrams of caffeine. In a cup of tea of the same quantity, there are approximately 30 milligrams of theine. The exact amount depends on the type of tea.

Is theine harmful?

Healthy adults can consume approximately 400 milligrams of caffeine per day without experiencing any negative effects. That is about 13 cups of tea or almost 5 cups of coffee per day. So there is no need to fear ingesting too much theine quickly. For pregnant women, it is recommended to take a little less; no more than 200 milligrams.

Theine-free tea

First Tea has a range of theine free teas. These are: rooibos, natural mint, golden flowers, rosehip, Linden and golden chamomile. Order them immediately.

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